Bookkeeping is the first step in the accounting process and arguably the most important one. As a bookkeeper, BOSSED Financial, will compile all financial data - from transactions to wages - and turn them into easy-to-read reports that are ready for future analysis.

There are multiple benefits to having a good bookkeeper like BOSSED Financial, and with all the changes happening in the financial world, every business will want to have a good bookkeeper on hand.

The benefits of bookkeeping services from BOSSED Financial include: detailed chart of accounts recording, up-to-date detailed records, compliant with the law, easier planning, instant reporting, better relations with banks and investors, better tax prediction, faster business response time, faster financial analysis, etc. all through the following services:

  • Bank and Credit Card Management
    Daily and/or weekly management of all bank and credit card accounts
    Daily updates of all accounts if there is a high volume of transactions
    Weekly update if there is a low volume of transactions to record
  • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation
    Reconcile all bank and credit card accounts on a monthly basis
    Soft reconcile of all high volume accounts each month
    Hard reconcile all accounts each month so month-end reviews are easier to get through
  • Accounts Payable Management
    Enter all bills
    Make sure bills are coded to the right expense account
    Bills are paid on time
  • Accounts Receivable Management (for clients that are invoicing their customers on Net Terms)
    Create and send invoices
    Receive and process payments via checks, credit cards or ACH
    Work with client on collection notices (if applicable)
  • Payroll Processing
    Run periodic payroll
    Handle all of the tax filing and payments on your behalf
    If any corrections need to be made that is handled as well
  • Sales Tax Filing/Processing
    Track sales tax
    Remit estimated monthly sales tax payment (if applicable)
    Prepare sales tax for filing
    File and pay sales tax on a monthly or quarterly basis (depends on state'€™s requirements)
  • Financial Reporting
    Balance Sheet report
    Profit and Loss report
    Cash flow report
    Any other customized reports that can be created for our client
    These reports are prepared each month
  • Cash Flow Management
    Track income and expenses
  • Invoicing/Payment Processing
    Track who owes you money and how long accounts are past due
    Automate recurring invoice/payment each month
  • 1099 Preparation/Filing
    Track, prepare and file 1099s for any contractors that were paid for services
  • Inventory Management
    Manage and track inventory
    Provide inventory reporting
  • Receipt Management
    Track and save a paper trail of transactions
  • Document Storage
    Use of Google Drive, DropBox, or SmartValult for easy upload of all documents, saved reports, statements, reconciliations, payroll, etc. for the client to access as needed
  • QBO Setup
    Create a new QuickBooks File or convert QuickBooks Desktop or other software to QuickBooks Online
    Manage Chart of Accounts
    Create service and products lists
    Create projects, clients, and vendors lists
  • QBO Training
    If you prefer to handle your own books, but have no bookkeeping or QuickBooks knowledge, we can help train you or your staff and provide ongoing support as needed
  • Cleanup/Catchup Work
    Cleanup your books if they were not done properly
    Catchup your books to bring your accounts up-to-date

Plans start off at just $50.00 per month if you want a fixed monthly solution or $50.00 per hour if you wish to pay-as-you go for a more custom or even a less dedicated solution.

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